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Course Certification Event
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Event start
Sep 7, 2021 3:00 PM
Event End
Sep 8, 2021 5:00 PM
Last day to register
August 31, 2021
Min/Max attendees
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Event Description

The end of the year is approaching - time to activate and acquire new skills!

Apart from driving trainings that are about enabling you in the right direction about the system, we have also worked towards recognising your course performance with a Contentserv Academy Course Completion Certificate. Course attendance does not guarantee certification. This certificate is issued only upon successful completion of the course specific assessments that follow the Academy specified Learning Path.

This instructor led training will enable you to turn data into information for web and print purposes utilizing the features and functions of Smart Documents.
All this while sitting in the comfort of your home office. The course is spread across 2 consecutive sessions of 2 hours each. For complete information, please check the Information Box on the left.

You will have access to the following during the training:

  1. A Sandbox system for hands-on practice
  2. Access to the Academy eLearning portal
  3. Access to training hand-outs

Each participant will be graded based on marks received  for assessments conducted post each session. Successful completion of the certification course will be evaluated based the total scores from the assessment. The certificate distribution is automated via the eLearning portal and triggered only when the Certification Criteria is met.

The PLUS is you can advertise your achievement within your network, as the Contentserv Academy allows you to share your Certificates and Badges all over the social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - isn't that cool! And yes, please do tag us #Contentserv #ContentservAcademy

The number of attendees is restricted, so don't miss this opportunity and enroll now!

Please note:

  • The training sessions will be recorded - give us feedback for each session you attend and get access to the recorded training videos!
  • The course will only be conducted if the minimum number of participants (6) is reached
  • Your registration to the course is considered complete, only when you sign and send back the official course offer.
  • This course will be acknowledged by a certificate – presumed the learning path has been followed and the required assessments have been successfully passed.

M01: Smart Documents overview and usage in CS
M02: Coding a simple Smart Template
M03: Extending the Smart Template
M04: Smart Documents Configuration