Developer Course

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Main information
Event start
Sep 26, 2022 2:30 PM
Event End
Sep 30, 2022 3:00 PM
Last day to register
September 23, 2022
Min/Max attendees
Skill Level
Blended learning (Self-paced & Remote)

Event description

This year the Academy is prioritizing digitalization. Keeping this goal in mind, we are working towards converting all the Fallback courses to an eLearning format, to allow ease of access and understanding for learners.

This means, we now move to a complete self-paced learning methodology, allowing the participants to learn at their own pace. But hand-holding them by conducting Q&A sessions in parallel for the duration of the training event.

These pre-defined sessions will allow the participants to learn at their own space, at the same time, engage with the Academy team experts to get the related doubts and queries resolved.

This Q&A event is for the Developer Course. Please register in advance and take benefit of these live interactive sessions. You are free to jump in and out of the sessions as you like. We will be at your disposal for 30 mins everyday until the event expires. Find the specific details in the information box on the left!

General instructions

  • Please register in advance to access these Q&A session
  • Make sure you are enrolled for the respective course and actively go through it
  • These sessions are specific to the Developer Course. If you have any other questions, please attend the "Ask us anything" sessions or drop us an email to
M01: Introduction & Overview
M02: Plugins
M03: Dashboard
M04: Import & Export Overview
M05: Import & Export Database